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The Moldy Figs!

Boyd Sweeney and The Moldy Figs is Colorado Springs' go to band for everything swing! Need a band for your swing dance, wedding, corporate event, party, or festival? Contact today for booking information! 

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So, what is a Moldy Fig?

Moldy figs are advocates of early jazz and swing. The term was used by bebop musicians in the 1940's and 50's, derogatorily, with reference to those who preferred older jazz and swing to bebop. Although the term was originally a pejorative, it is now embraced by traditional jazz and swing fans and players.

From our new album, 'Cute'!

                             Live Music!

Demo Video

We also play as a trio!

What our Fans are saying!

"This band played at my wedding this last April and holy moly, talk about a way to get a party moving and grooving! My groom and I love to swing dance, and we wanted to incorporate that into our wedding with our guests, and this band was so lively and upbeat. They made it easy for people to join in, and every song sounded really bright and fun, all of my guests loved the music and the vibe of the evening. They are so professional and technically proficient, I didn't have to worry about a thing. They set up all on their own and everything went off without a hitch! It was absolutely magical. I will always recommend them for events of any kind"

Tara Farrell

"If you like Swing & Jazz this this the band to hear & see live. Real musicians, they play from the heart especially during their solos...makes my heart smile! Between sets they come out & mingle with the crowd...what a group!"

Shireen Johnson

"Extremely talented and technically proficient swing jazz band! Easily the best band I've seen in Colorado so far. Cant wait to enjoy their show again!"

Joseph Harris



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